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Child Abuse and Domestic Violence

Child abuse and domestic violence are tangled together. Women sometimes stay in an unhappy relationship for the kids. If their partner’s emotionally abusive, they try to keep him calmed down so he’s ranting and acting like a jackass when the children aren’t around. If he’s physically abusive and sneaky, he’ll leave marks where they’re not so obvious– broken ribs or a head held under water. There’s no limit to the imagination of an abusive man.

Joe Torre, former professional baseball player and manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers, grew up with a physically abusive father. “I did not get physically abused myself. I grew up in fear because my mom did. I was shy and he would make fun of me. Whenever I saw my dad’s car in the driveway, I didn’t want to go home.” On Joe’s website, Safe at Home, you’ll find a video. Joe tells of his early life growing up in a violent home.

Joe’s Safe at Home Foundation recently opened an office on the west coast. There are currently eleven Margaret’s Place sites– safe abuse-free havens for middle and high school students. This first west coast program is in Los Angeles. Hopefully, it will spread north along the whole west coast. All children deserve a safe room where they can talk to each other and a professional counselor. If you’re in Los Angeles, or one of the cities up the coast, see how you can join or help start a new program in your area.

Molly Brown, DMS

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